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Frequently Asked Questions

Webinars and seminars

"I can't get in to the webinar."
Please call us and we'll check to be sure your account is up-to-date and that you have the right password for the webinar. Note that we get very busy right when the webinar is starting, so we suggest you log in early to make sure all systems are 'go'!

Al Kluis Farmer's Almanac

"How can I get more?"
An excellent question! Early in the year--before we run out--you can call our office and ask for more. Every subscriber gets two at no charge. More copies are available for $15 each.

The Al Kluis Report

"I don't understand all of the charts in the Saturday report."
Charting is a powerful tool, but it does take time to get comfortable with! You can call and talk to one of the 'chart experts' here in the office anytime. You might also consider joining one of our marketing classes. You can also ask us questions during any of our webinars. There's always time to answer some questions before the program begins.

"How can I learn more about my marketing?"
We now have two marketing schools you can join. One is our original "Lafayette Trading Academy." This three-year curriculum is held every winter. The first and last weekends are here in Minnesota, and the other weeks we meet online, by webinar. Learn more at
The other option is our self-paced online course, launching Fall 2015. The topics are similar, but you can do the whole curriculum on your own schedule, from your own farm. Watch for it at

Al Kluis Market Pack

"Can I add another person to my Market Pack?" 
Yes! We encourage growers to add another member of their farm team to their Market Pack subscription. We call this a Farm Pack. Each team member you add is $100. For this, they will receive all of the benefits of the Market Pack, under their own email address and phone number.

"I stopped getting my emails."
Please let us know right away! Sometimes it is a trivial problem that we can fix quickly. Other times, it may be a change done by your local internet service provider, and that can be more tricky. But let us know right away and we will be sure you continue getting your daily updates.

"I'm not getting my text messages."

Please call us and let us know exactly when they stopped. We can check and see if it is a simple problem, or if it's something you may have to check with your mobile phone provider.

The website

"I can't get into the website."
Please give us a call. We will check to be sure your account is fine, and that you have the right password.
Not Finding the answer to your questions?

Do you have a question about your newsletter, your Market Pack subscription, the quotes or alerts you receive by text message, or the Almanac? This is the place. Start by looking through our list of frequently asked (and answered) questions. If this list doesn't answer your question, please call (888) 345-2855, or email us. If we don't have the answer you need, we will find the answer for you, or find the right person to help.

And don't forget to check the Events page for an upcoming webinar or an outlook seminar near you. Webinars and seminars are an excellent time to ask questions and get the answers you need.

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