Kluis Trader

Are you serious about marketing your grain, and doing it well?

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What is a Kluis Trader?

Execute trades on your own for more control and less costs

Experienced marketers may qualify to be one of our "Kluis Traders". If you qualify, you can execute your own trades, giving you more convenience and control, and less cost. You will benefit by being part of our Kluis Traders Network, and receive our Kluis Trader Bulletins to advise you of upcoming trading opportunities, complete with our reasoning, the steps required, and a recap of risks, advantages and costs. Call us to see if you qualify to be a Kluis Trader.

Is being a Kluis Trader for you?

The answer may be ‘yes’ if you...

  • farm 2,000 or more acres.
  • use futures and options.

The Benefit

You take control over executing your own trades, with the guidance of our experienced team.

Want to know more?

Contact us to see if you've got what it takes to be a Kluis Trader.

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