KCA Market Pack

Are you serious about marketing your grain, and doing it well?

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What is the KCA Market Pack?

Grain Marketing tools and up-to-date market commentary

The KCA Market Pack is for the farmer who wants to make marketing a more focused part of their farm operation, and have more success at becoming a profitable and stable farm operation. We designed our Market Pack to provide a full set of tools to help a farmer take control over their marketing. We help you monitor the changes that are happening in the markets, and--most importantly--make and act upon a marketing plan that fits you and your farm operation. We encourage all of our Market Pack subscribers to add additional members of their farm team--perhaps a family member, banker, advisor--to their Market Pack subscription for $100 each. We call this expanded subscription a "Farm Pack". Farmers who get more of their farm team 'on the same page' with their marketing tell us it helps them make a plan, use the plan, and move forward together.

Is the KCA Market Pack for you?

The answer may be ‘yes’ if you...

  • farm 320 acres or more of corn and soybeans.
  • may also grow wheat, oats, or specialty crops.
  • deliver to 1 or 2 elevators.

The Benefit

You gain access to a disciplined marketing plan that gets your crop sold.

What's Included

Here is a highlighted list of what's all included in the KCA Market Pack
$880 yearly
Twice-daily Market Updates
(twice-daily access on web or toll-free phone; morning update sent by email)
Comprehensive Saturday Email Report
CBOT grain prices
sent 3 or 5 times per day by text message
Action Alerts
sent 1 to 3 times per month by text message (with specific marketing actions to take)
Subscriber-only Monthly Webinars
Archive Access
Acces to archives of newsletters, members-only webinars, and other password-protected content on website.
2 Almanacs
Farm Pack
+ $100 per user

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