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Marketing grain is like raising a crop

It takes attention all season.

However, the marketing season is now 12 months long. Used to be, you could drive to a "Winter Marketing Seminar” in a nearby town, go home and make your plan in a couple of hours, and sell your grain at harvest time.

Today, you have to make a more advanced plan--including risk management on crops you haven't planted yet--and monitor the markets all year.

What is the solution? Drive to a different seminar every month? How is that going to fly during planting and harvest?

Here's our solution

Webinars. In 2009, KCA started shifting his time--and thinking--from doing the "once-a-year” marketing seminars, to doing a year-round series that you can join from your farm office.

We chose a mid-level webinar system that is high-tech enough to get the job done, but not so high-tech that a typical farm office can't easily participate. You don't need a camera, or gadgets, or any advanced software. You won't see high-definition video of Al at a chalkboard, but you will see clean crisp slides and photos with absolutely fresh market data, and you will hear Al, live and in real time, describing what he thinks you should do with your marketing, and why.

And you can ask Al questions--through an on-screen question box--and Al will answer them.

What you need

  • An email address.
  • A computer with working speakers (or a headset)
  • An internet connection (medium to high speed)
  • ... or, a friend or neighbor who has all of this!

How it works

  1. You register, or someone (our Help Desk, or your seed dealer) registers you. Do this at the Events Page on Al's website.
  2. You get an email with the link for the webinar.
  3. My office logs in an hour early to help people who are new to the system, and to show people how to write questions in the "question box."
  4. During that hour, you will click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.
  5. The first time you log in, you will have to download a small piece of software (30 seconds).
  6. You will see a small control panel on your screen. This is where you can write in your questions. There is also information about how to dial in with your telephone, if your computer speakers are not working.
  7. Once you have registered, you will receive one email each month, 2 days before the next webinar in that series, with the login link for that webinar.

We want our customers to be educated about the markets, and up-to-date with their marketing plan. All year round.

Webinar Schedule

Currently We Have No Events To Annouce.

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