The KCA Report

Saturday morning market report, 48 weeks a year.

The KCA Report on Saturdays gives you what you want:

Consistent market plans, like this:

"... We are recommending a three-step risk management plan for 2011. Use crop insurance, hedges, and puts..."

Heads-up on news that can move your markets, like this:

"... the Greek debt problems that have built up over 30 years are not going away quickly. The commodity markets will have a difficult time rallying when every investor in the world is running for cover. Our plan for dealing with this..."

"... European wheat values plunged lower, pulling the US corn and soybean markets lower..."

Specific marketing recommendations, like this:

"... Livestock feeders and ethanol shareholders should get ready to buy bull call spreads within the next three days..."

"... and have offers in to make another 10% new crop corn sale when December 2011 corn futures rally to our target at $6.90..."

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