Twice-A-Day Updates

Morning and afternoon market updates.

Twice-A-Day Updates give you even more:

As part of the KCA Market Pack, subscribers have access to Twice-a-Day Updates. The morning Update is delivered by email by 6:30 am Central (usually by 6 am). Both the morning and afternoon Updates can be seen by logging in to Al's website, or can be heard by calling the toll-free "Hotline" number provided to full subscribers.

You’ll also get twice-daily updates (by phone, web or email (AM only)) like this:

"... European wheat values plunged lower, pulling the US corn and soybean markets lower in the overnight trade..."

"... corn futures are now down $1.20 in the last ten days. Do not panic. You are well-positioned with the earlier hedges..."

"... The corn and soybean markets appear to have put in a significant short-term low. Corn had a 44 cent trading range and closed 3 cents higher..."

"... Livestock feeders and ethanol shareholders should get ready to buy bull call spreads within the next three days..."

"... and have offers in to make another 10% new crop corn sale when December 2011 corn futures rally to our target at $6.90..."

Part of the KCA Market Pack

With the KCA Market Pack you will also get...
$880 yearly
Twice-daily Market Updates
(twice-daily access on web or toll-free phone; morning update sent by email)
Comprehensive Saturday Email Report
CBOT grain prices
sent 3 or 5 times per day by text message
Action Alerts
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Acces to archives of newsletters, members-only webinars, and other password-protected content on website.
2 Almanacs
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